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Missouri hardwoods are prized for the flavor they bring to the dishes you love most, from bourbon to brisket.

Now, with premium Rockwood smoking chips and chunks, you can infuse your red meat, pork and poultry with tangy smoke.

Choose from six of our favorite Missouri hardwoods: Apple, Cherry, Maple, Pecan, Peach or Hickory. Here’s how to choose.

For mouth-watering flavor, smoke slow and low.

  • Available in chips or chunks for the right volume of smoke
  • Heat treated and kiln dried to stomp out mold
  • Sourced exclusively from timber milling operations
  • Contains no chemicals, filler, binders or additives

Chunks are available in 300 cubic inch resealable bags.

Chips are available in 200 cubic inch resealable bags.

It’s simple. For pure, premium quality, count on Rockwood.

Shipping in the continental U.S. only. For most orders, transit time is 2-3 business days.